Between the ages of eighteen months and three years, your toddler’s world is growing rapidly and is a time of many changes. They are active and curious, they feel the need to explore, touch, open, shut, climb and throw everything. Your child needs plenty of time for play so provide opportunities for them to explore, investigate, ask questions, use their imagination and test out their physical skills. It may look like simple play, but we can assure you they are hard at work!

This book has been designed to assist families to entertain and educate their children. Each activity uses common household resources and offers a carers guide to play based learning. We have provided a variety of activities to cater for children with varying learning styles (visual, auditory and hands on). You are informed of the possible learning outcomes that your child can gain from each activity and how you can support this. Modifications have been offered so that you can adapt the activity to suit your child’s likes, dislikes, interests and the resources you have on hand.