During the first 18 months of life,  your child will go through a myriad of physical changes and developing the ability to learn the skills needed for their life ahead. Throughout this time your child faces the important task of learning to learn and you have the great honour of playing an important role in their development. From birth to 18 months your child can grow from being completely adult reliant to an active toddler with growing independence.

This book has been designed to assist families to entertain and educate their children. Each activity uses common household resources and offers a carers guide to play based learningWe have provided a variety of activities to cater for children with varying learning styles (visual, auditory and hands on). You are informed of the possible learning outcomes that your child can gain from each activity and how you can support this. Modifications have been offered so that you can adapt the activity to suit your child’s likes, dislikes, interests and the resources you have on hand.