During the first two years of life, children will go through a myriad of physical changes and develop an ability to learn the skills needed for their life ahead. Throughout this time children face the important task of learning to learn and you have the great honour of playing an important role in their development. From birth to 2 years children can grow from being completely adult reliant to an active toddler with growing independence.

At this young age children are very curious learners, so with close supervision you are able to support their needs, wellbeing, ideas and learning. Safety should always be in the front of your mind during the children’s daily routine as well as the preparation and implementation of experiences.

This book contains 20 learning experiences that cater for various learning styles. Each experience has been linked to three of the EYLF Learning Outcomes. However, these links are only possibilities as the learning and development will likely vary for each child and situation.

More features of this book include:

  • Suggested resources
  • A written description
  • Photographs
  • Potential modifications
  • Ideas for reflection