Home Learning for Children 18 Months to 3 Years is a download to support families with their child’s learning continuity during the current coronavirus disruption. It contains 40 educational activities (and bonus recipes) that families can do at home to further children’s learning and development. Each activity uses common household resources to support any unnecessary outings and inspires learning away from a screen.

We have provided a variety of activities to cater for children with varying learning styles (visual, auditory and hands on). You are informed of the possible learning outcomes that your child can gain from each activity and how you can support this. You can consider each child’s individual goals and make recommendations to families to undertake specific activities to enhance a specific skill or learning area.

Home Learning is a downloadable PDF. Once paid for, you will immediately receive an email with a link to download the package. This can then be viewed on a computer, lap top, tablet or mobile device.

Each purchase is intended for the customer and the children in their care. Please note that copyright laws stand and once purchased customers do not have the right to  share this with friends and colleagues. Curriculum Kids would like to thank their customers for their honesty in this matter.